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Talent Acquisition professionals ...

Is the massive volume of job applications rendering you unable to do your job efficiently or with the quality levels you aspire to?

We hear you, everyone is having the same problem and thats why we built ApplyPRO.

ApplyPRO is part of the next generation of applicant selection tools, built with AI to screen applicants faster, fairly and accurately, whilst keeping the Recruiter in control. 
Our Mission


We're the first solution built by Recruiters for Recruiters.

Using the latest technology to boost careers and enhance the value of In-house Recruiters by eliminating low-skilled repetitive tasks and supporting high-value consultative activities that promote potential and diversity.


To customers, users and ourselves.



Think (differently)

The best solutions are rarely obvious, quick or easy.


Constant evolution, deliver change and value for customers

How it works

How it works

Use AI to screen all the CVs in seconds!

Your time is precious. We eliminate irrelevant applications, saving you 70% of your resourcing time. Utilize that time to discover potential instead of sifting through irrelevant applications.

Increase interview diversity everytime

Spend more time identifying potential. We highlight the applications that get overlooked, yet still possess the essential experience and often come with higher potential, lower salary demands and offer greater longevity to your business.

Screen huge volumes in minutes


You get hundreds of applications ranked into shortlists:

Yes, all the desired experience, interview now!

Maybe, has the essentials, take a closer look

No, doesn't have 'showstopper' experience 

Less trawling, more talent-finding!

Use feedback
The Talent & Growth Podcast

"The smartest in-house recruiting product we've ever seen"

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The ApplyPRO desktop app is currently free for individual in-house Recruiters with team and volume upgrades available upon request. We currently integrate with several major ATS providers, with more on the way.

ATS integrations 

Tellent (Recruitee) - LIVE

Teamtailor - LIVE

Greenhouse - in dev

Lever - in dev


Workable - in dev

Sage HR - in dev

Freshteams - in dev

SAP Successfactors - in dev

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