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ATS Integration Guide (Recrutee)

Tellent (formerly Recruitee): ATS integration Guide

What does the integration do?


The ApplyPRO integration eliminates low-skilled repetitive tasks, like CV screening and supports the promotion of diversity through targeting potential rather than pure experience.


ApplyPRO utilises a purpose-built AI-screening engine that screens ALL applications that are received. When connected to a job(s) the AI screening engine will run automatically in the background resulting in 3 curated shortlists for Recruiters to access when they log in.


Utilising YES, MAYBE and NO shortlists, Recruiters can reduce their CV screening time by 70% and focus on identifying the high-potential applicants that might otherwise be overlooked.

Setting up the integration

To set up this integration log in to Recruitee, and navigate to Manage Companies.

1. Within Manage Companies navigate to Personal API Tokens and click: + New token

2. Name this: ApplyPRO and copy the token produced

Register your account & login

Log in to your ApplyPRO dashboard to complete the process

3. Click: Connect to ATS

4. Select Recruitee from the list of providers

5. Paste the token into the API Key text bar

6. Enter your five-digit Company ID, also found on the Personal API Tokens page in Recruitee

7. Click Save and return to the application, you're ready to go!


What data is shared between Recruitee and ApplyPRO?

Candidate CV only.

How can customers reach ApplyPRO?

Please reach out to with any questions about this integration.

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