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We love Talent Acquisition Pro's

We aim to elevate internal Recruiters to Rockstar status.

Boosting their reputations by driving faster, fairer and more diverse hiring with the latest technology.

is the next generation of applicant selection tools. Screening applicants faster and fairly, sharing applicants globally, increasing diversity and all whilst maximising the candidate experience.
Our Mission


We're the first solution built by Recruiters for Recruiters.

Using the latest technology to boost careers and enhance the value of In-house Recruiters by eliminating low-skilled repetitive tasks and supporting high-value consultative activities that promote potential and diversity.

Chalkboard with Different Languages



To customers, users and ourselves.

Think (differently)

The best solutions are rarely obvious, quick or easy.


Constant evolution, deliver change and value for customers

What we've built

What we've built 👷🏾‍♂️


Enabling Recruiters to screen high volumes rapidly, accurately and fairly. Applications filtered into Yes, Maybe & No shortlists. 

No more trawling of irrelevant applications.


Enhance your stakeholder comms. Easy to share data recommendations to get quicker decisions. 

No more convincing, just share real-time data.


Maximise your company's brand and reputation. Every rejected applicant instantly screened for roles across the company. 

Zero-effort talent pools and interview-ready applicants to share.


We really do think Recruiters are the Rockstars​ of their organisations but don't think everyone shares that opinion.

Recruiters, we're here for you!

We boost your value and enhance your reputation through faster and fairer hiring. We’re your power-up!

Benefits to Recruiters
How it works

How it works

Smart screening

Your time is valuable. We remove irrelevant applications giving you a time saving of 70% in resourcing time. Spend that time looking for potential instead of trawling through hundreds of unrelated applications. 

Fast decisions

Enhance your value to your organisation. We give you instant recommendations to improve search results and real-time data to share with stakeholders. Get rapid decisions and get applicants to interview, quicker.

Talent pipelines

You interview 2% of applicants. We let you make use of the other 98%, giving candidates a better experience and enhanced employers reputation and brand by offering candidates second chances You can even share with colleagues globally.

Use feedback
The Talent & Growth Podcast

"The smartest in-house recruiting product we've ever seen"

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Get started fo free
Get started - free!
No credit card needed   -   Unlimited time on Free plan

The ApplyPro desktop app is currently free for all in-house Recruiters. We currently integrate with several major ATS providers, with more on the way. If your ATS isn't listed below include it on the form below and we'll get into the roadmap.

Live integrations:







Sage HR


SAP Successfactors

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