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Average job tenure will go DOWN (even more)!

After several years of ups and downs in the job market due to the pandemic and then the economy, plus of course, companies taking advantage of the situation and making mass redundancies, job seekers who started to see genuine improvements to their lives through remote working have started losing them again.

Many companies that proclaimed remote working to be a great step forward, a boost to productivity, work-life balance and engagement have backtracked and introduced RTO policies. In reality, the majority of these companies are not advocating for 5 days a week in the office, but thousands of staff employed based on a remote working contract are quite rightly, annoyed. As are staff at companies where the changes don't affect everyone. Roblox have announced their RTO this year with the exception of: individuals who have niche skill sets or significant institutional knowledge (e.g., multi-disciplinary skills, deep expertise with Roblox systems, etc.). Presumably, they don't need help aligning with: our culture and our type of work. At least Grindr was fair about calling everyone back to the office to realign their: intensive work mentality.

These are examples of why job seekers are becoming wary of potential employers. Every day I speak to applicants who are not considering the long-term because they are unlikely to be part of a company's long-term strategy. Expectations of longevity and opportunity in permanent jobs have never been so low. Is it any surprise that employees will move jobs more regularly and take every opportunity to move onwards and upwards?

Recent April 2023 survey data showed that the most time 8.6% of UK respondents had stayed in a job was 1-2 years, whilst it was 7-11 months for 3.1%. I expect these two percentages to go up a lot over the next 12-24 months.

This will result in another boom year for agencies! 

I'd also expect hiring companies to adapt to find cost savings. That will mean an increase in temporary TA staff and the use of embedded talent consultants. I think we're also going to see more and more jobs based on fixed-term contracts instead of permanent contracts, maybe even a move towards the Dutch system where most new hires start on a fixed-term contract that renews annually.

The credit for the RTO examples is due to Hung Lee and his phenomenal newsletter Recruiting Brainfood. If you only subscribe to one TA newsletter make sure it's this one 👆🏻. But if you fancy something less polished, let's call it: 'up and coming' then give mine a go and Subscribe here! 

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