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Jobs disappearing? Goodbye CMO!

We're hearin

g a lot about certain jobs disappearing, especially administrative roles, or specific skills that can be trained into a Machine Learning model. But I think it's time for a change at the top!


here are stages in a company when it's critical to have a full, experienced C-suite in place, but there are a lot of times when it's not. Startup businesses and early Scale-up businesses are typically still figuring things out and could save a huge dent on their payroll by employing an AI CMO or AI CSO.

These senior staff co-pilots will be more prevalent in 2024, helping CEOs take their businesses forward an

d establish significant recurring revenue, at which point sure, bring in a big-money C*O to run things.

Connect the co-pilot to Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Tableau or whatever tools you're using for data let the Co-pilot provide the insights, channel recommendations and the PR and content strategy. Let's be honest, it would probably do a better job than most Marketing Agencies!

I hope CMO's don't feel singled out, there are very few roles that are immune from being automated in some way. In fact

, don't let any VC's see this post as I can already hear the clamour for an AI CEO who works across a portfolio giving suggestions on each company's direction (🙃). Just no.

I see a lot of opportunities for training, development and consulting organisations, even individual consultants who can codify their process and replicate what they do in a tool. This is of course a lot easier to do with machine learning technology.

Is this good or bad? In honesty, I see it as jus

t another tool and no different to a CRM an ATS or project tracking software. If it works for your company then great.

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